Are you interested in bringing mindfulness into your workplace or educational institution? I regularly provide introductory presentations outlining the benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing and productivity and have worked with a number of top-tier businesses and premier educational institutions.

These presentations lay out in a simple, practical way how mindfulness can be practised and applied, referencing the rapidly growing research base and current neuroscience. I also draw upon my many years experience teaching mindfulness in various settings, as well as my work as a clinical psychologist.

I am also an expert in organisational approaches to mindfulness. I am currently assisting an ever-increasing number of schools and universities interested in integrating mindfulness in a more structured way into their education systems. I have extensive experience in designing and implementing programs, communicating the benefits of mindfulness, gaining support of key stakeholders and overcoming barriers to engagement.

Please contact me on 0422 830 633 or if you would like to discuss ways to bring mindfulness into your school or business.