Use these mindfulness meditation MP3s to guide your practice. Download them onto your computer, phone or media player so you will have them with you as a support whenever you need them. On Android phones you can save them directly to your phone. On iPhones/iPods you need to put them into iTunes first.

Start small and increase the frequency and duration of your practice as you progress. The key is to do it regularly (i.e. daily), just like physical exercise.

Basic Practices


Pause (1 min)

Body Scan (5 mins)

Breath & Body (5 mins)

Training The Puppy (5 mins)

Breath Counting (10 mins)

Thought Labelling (10 mins)

Body Breath & Sound (10 mins)

Mindful Listening (10 mins)

Body Breath Sound & Thought (10 mins)

Silence With Bells (10 mins)

Practices From ABC Catalyst (rewire your brain just like I helped Graham Phillips do)

Body Scan (15 mins)

Breath Meditation (15 mins)

Mindful Listening (20 mins)

Body Breath Sounds Thoughts & Choiceless Awareness (20 mins)

Mindfulness For Sleep

Preparing For Sleep (10 mins)

Mindfulness In Bed (10 mins)

More Advanced Practices

Getting Grounded Quickly (5 mins)

Tuning In To Yourself (10 min)

Tuning In To Your Surroundings (10 mins)

Deepening Your Awareness (15 mins)

Working Mindfully With Thoughts (5 mins)

Working Mindfully With Emotions (10 mins)

Lovingkindness & Self-Compassion Practices

Lovingkindness Meditation – Self & Loved One (10 mins)

Lovingkindness Meditation – Loved One, Self, Stranger & Difficult Person (10 mins)

Cultivating Self-Compassion In The Face Of Difficulties

The Half Smile

The Half Smile First Thing In The Morning

The Half Smile While Feeling Grumpy

Bringing Kindness To Ourselves

Developing Self Compassion

Self Compassion Body Scan

Being With Difficult Emotions

Doing Things That Open Our Hearts

Giving & Receiving (Tonglen)

Mindful Movement

Mindful Walking (5 mins)

Mindful Yoga (10 mins)

Mindful Movement (15 mins)

You may also like to get the free Smiling Mind app, which I helped to develop. With over 2 million downloads, it is available on the App Store and Google Play. There is also a free educational package available for educators – contact Smiling Mind for details.

To really start practising mindfulness and bring it fully into your life, come and do my structured six-week Mindful Stress Reduction course. This will support you establishing a daily meditation practice and teach you how to apply mindfulness in your life to improve your wellbeing, productivity and relationships.