Moderated online social therapy for depression relapse prevention in young people: pilot study of a ‘next generation’ online intervention

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Brand new journal article on how Moderated Online Social Therapy (MOST) can help recovery in young people with mental health.

Using mindfulness to reduce public speaking anxiety

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Does public speaking make you nervous? If so, you’r not alone. Public speaking is consistently rated as people’s most common fear. The good news is that mindfulness can help, as I show in this short video I made for the Art & Design faculty at Monash University.

5 things to do every morning for a better day (Fernwood Women’s Fitness Magazine)

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A few simple changes to your morning routine can switch your mindset from one that dreads getting out of bed to an “up and at ‘em” attitude that gets the blood pumping and the mind ticking for better days ahead. Mindfulness is one of the most effective. Read more here

Interview in Coca-Cola Journey Magazine

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I was recently interviewed by Coca-Cola Journey magazine on the benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing and performance, and why mindfulness is increasingly being used by companies like Coke and Google and a growing number of sporting teams. Read the article here.

Interview in Fernwood Magazine

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I was recently interviewed by Fernwood Magazine about the benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing, as well as boosting sporting performance. Thanks Chelsea Roffey for writing such a great article.

Claim Medicare rebates using the Express Plus Medicare app

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You can now use this simple app to instantly claim Medicare rebates. It takes a few minutes to set up, but is well worth it. The process is a tiny bit complex, but these simple instructions will make it easier.

KidsMatter Interview – Mindfulness & Young People’s Mental Health

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Mindfulness is not just about sitting in meditation – you can link it into daily life, such as when doing things to reduce stress, experiencing moments more fully, working with difficult thoughts and emotions, and listening more effectively. Read more in my latest article – in KidsMatter – on how mindfulness can help young people […]

Want to know more about mindfulness and how to practice it? This article from Positive Peeps tells you all you need to know.

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All in the mind Have you ever been driving somewhere, and before you knew it, you’d arrived, but had no recollection of the full leg of your journey? It’s quite a common example of where we can tend to lose awareness and lose time. So how can we become more conscious of our surroundings, of […]